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The DC65 MULTI-FLOOR - upright vacuum is
engineered for tough tasks.
With its self-adjusting cleanerhead
and re-engineered brushbar,
the DC65 is able to clean both carpets
and hard floors throughout the home.
The bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove
more dust and dirt, while providing superior
performance on hard floors.
The DC65 uses the latest Ball technology
and has remodeled cyclones.
The DC65 has been built to achieve
the highest suction at the cleaner head,
twice the suction as any other vacuum.
DYSON65 ANIMAL - 5 year parts & labor warranty
when purchased
from an authorized reseller
Radial Root Cyclone technology
Reconfigured brush bar- 25% more power drives bristles
deeper into carpets, removing more dirt.
Tangle-free Turbine tool- The only
turbine tool that does not tangle.
Counter-rotating heads with
brushes remove hair and dirt from upholstery.
Includes extra tools and tool bag- soft dusting brush,
multi-angle brush, Zorb and stiff bristle brush
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PANASONIC 223 - Lightweight upright 12 amp motor system,
-inchbag-inch system
Automatic edge cleaning and carpet height adjustment
14-inch nozzle cleaning path,
tools on-board for quick
cleaning, a 10-feet attachment reach, Headlight,
25-feet Cord with Quick Cord Release
Measures 12-1/2-inch by 14-inch w by 42-inch (h),
leaf green finish, 14-pound>
PANASONIC 729 Features:
Quiet vacuum cleans quickly and conveniently
Powerful 12-amp motor delivers strong cleaning performance
Reach and clean more places quickly
with quick draw tools on board
HEPA vacuum cleaner filter maintains
a healthier indoor environment
proteam-proforce-1500-hepa (80K)
rainbowpowernozzle (15K)
Provides exceptional cleaning in a
high-filtration upright to improve reach, durability,
and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
Dual motor system and HEPA exhaust filter maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Contains a high-performance dual-motor system and
a low profile, L-shaped head perfect for
vacuuming under and around furnature.
Ideal for Hotels/Motels, Retail Stores, Residential Cleaning,
Offices, Fitness centers, Senior Living.
If you've never used a Rainbow vacuum,
you're in for a shock!
With regular upright bag vacuums,
dust particles escape through
the pinpoint size holes in the bags.
The water canister that sits under
the Rainbow actually traps dirt,
dust, etc. in the water as you vacuum.
You actually see the water getting
darker and darker
as is captures the contaminants that have
been hiding in your home.
You can vacuum everyday with a regular
bag vacuum cleaner and still not get your carpet as
clean as you can with one pass of the Rainbow!
sharknavigator (23K) MEET THE SHARK NAVIGATOR
Never Loses Suction Technology
Lightweight, Portable Canister
with Premium Pet Tools
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal + HEPA
Easy to Maneuver with Swivel Steering
Large Capacity Bagless Dust Cup

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